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"Every moment is a life altering moment"

More time wastage. Boo yeah. So here was my week:

Highlights of the actual week:
- taking the scenic route after Frosh Colloquium to check out the set of I Am Legend and seeing Will Smith (smooth as ever) escape from the shoot in a shiny black mercedes.
- waiting a bajillion hours in line to get into an advanced screening of the Nanny Diaries only to realize that oh yeah Annie and I are girls betw. ages 18-30 i.e. the movie's MAIN AUDIENCE. So of course they pick all the dudes in the crowd and we end up seeing Open Season which was super cute though and I needed a good laugh at that point.

- Thurs. night went w/ Spencer to see freaking BIG D!!! at CBGB! Which was freaking SICK!! That place is amazingly historical. I mean it's got the whole run down quality of the Living Room cept up that a few degrees. And the walls are plastered and COVERED with stickers and graffiti from all these classic bands. I mean seriously, this is THE gritty, steaming, pulsing womb from which hardcore punk was spawned! And it's being SHUT DOWN!! By freaking NYU b/c they bought the place to make it into, get this, a fucking gym. WHAT??
a) we ALREADY have 2 gyms, b) the newest one, Palladium, was actually a club before NYU wrecked that too, and c) we’re freaking NYU!! What the hell do we need a gym for? We have like 2 sports (ok, so more like 12) and no offense but we’re not exactly producing the most promising professional athletes out there. And need exercise? Freaking get off the treadmill and GO OUTSIDE and EXPLORE the city.

Seriously. But yeah I was pissed when I heard that. It was SUCH an amazing experience though. We met some other Big D fan girl and borrowed her Sharpie to place our permanent mark upon the walls of this landmark. I can’t BELIEVE this was the last ska show there EVER. And the show was freaking AMAZING. Tri State Conspiracy was really good and low key. The Specs were awesome, I definitely want to get their cd. More just punk + horns than ska but wicked good nonetheless. Lost City Angels were fun esp since the lead singer was SO GONE. And there was a full blown fight going on in the back. Which reminds me…

I was so surprised at how not violent this place seemed. I mean I still have to say out of all the shows I’ve been to (not a lot and only in 4 diff states) Bos shows are the most hardcore and painful. I mean here I was literally first row ON the stage practically (yeah no barriers) and the ppl behind us surged ehh a bit, sorta a pit going on but not much at all. Cool stuff.

And then AFTER? Got the set list and met all the kids from Big D and got it signed. Also met some guys from Tri State and the crazy lead singer of Lost City Angels. As usually Big D was AMAZING. They had like 5 new songs which was cool and Ryan said the new cd’s coming out March-ish? So GOOD.

So yeah, gonna head back and buy a CBGB shirt (a REAL one not those stupid Hot Topic or freaking even JC Penney’s ones) and show my support. YEAH!

- Fri. took the Fung Wah to Boston and got to South station b4 Nicole got out of class so I bought cupcakes.
- Met up w/ Nicole and went to her dorm and met some kids.
- Then we went to explore on Newbury Street and bought clothes, had Tealuxe where the boy was really cute, talked about boys and other fun, and bought 2304980238 pounds of candy. Ok more like 4 lbs but still a ridiculous amount of it.
- Then we went to Fanieul Hall and had chowder (which I definitely missed) and explored some more.
- After, went back and watched Animal House, ate stuff and then played crashing video games for a million years.
- Also we made AWESOME songs on garage band. So cool.

Then this morning took the commuter rail back and now I’m hanging here in Mboro. Today was good, hung out and slept. It was so weird to ride in a car. Also, I never realized how little water pressure the shower here gets. haha. And now it really feels like fall w/ the chilly air and foliage turning gold. Tonight we went out to the BBQ place which was cool. It was definitely nice to come home (first time in bought 1 and a half months) and see my family. And it’ll be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Of course all of tomorrow will be devoted to writing this beast of an essay but that’s ok. I mean we’ve all pretty much come to terms with the fact that no one will ever be able to fully understand what we’re supposed to actually do and that all our papers will ultimately suck. Oh well. Do my best and hope it goes well. More later!
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