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Super Sputch

Ooh yay weekend!

Weekend's been pretty awesome I have to say. Friday was kinda craptastic a bit and I don't even fully know why but everything worked out in the end. Went on an adventure to Magnolia w/ Annie, Nat, Lauren, and Edwin and Aaron from down the hall. It was cool though Magnolia isn't AS good as they make it out to be. The chocolate cupcake part is ehh but the yellow cake is really good. The colored frosting is wayy too sweet but the chocolate frosting is awesome. So the solution? White cake w/ chocolate icing = LOVE. And I recorded our excursion for Sound Image. But right when I was recording the outside of this really awesome jazz club, the card filled up. Which sucked. But luckily Annie has a flash card reader so I cleaned that up that night. And then we went and ate cupcakes and had a marathon of "The Office". I love how I get so sucked into tv shows. Now I'm such a Jim and Pam shipper. Haha!

Saturday was an adventure and a HALF. So first Nat really wanted to get a Mew from Toys R Us so she spent 80,000 hours trying to beat pokemon but it didn't work. So she, Annie, Cheri and I took the train out to Times Square to find the legendery Toys R Us. But the Toys R Us didn't have mews so Nat's billiion hours of pokemon was pointless. But yeah I guess it's ok she didn't beat it or w/e. But yeah, this Toys R Us is every kid's (and adult's) greatest fantasy! Seriously there's a million things. The freaking Lego section was rediculous. And there was a ferris wheel! But it was $4 which blows so we decided not to. But yeah then when I went to the bathroom I got SOO sidetracked at the Barbie house b/c.... it was where the PROJECT RUNWAY designers got their BARBIE CHALLENGE from season 2!! And we saw Nick's PR Barbie which I got for my mom. It's so cool cept it's a MyScene Barbie so it's head is gigantic and Bratz like. Oh well. It's still freaking AWESOME!!

After that we passed Madame Tussaud's and took a picture w/ Samuel L. And later we passed Macy's and saw the PROJECT RUNWAY WINDOW DISPLAY!! Which had all the winning designs from this season so far featurin'g Uli's last winning design. It was so AWESOME. Cept it was a bit disappointing b/c up close you really can see the flaws and can tell everything is handmade etc. But I guess it makes sense seeing as they have 2 days to do stuff etc. It was kinda sad seeing oh man Uli's darts are WAYY uneven and GEEZ what the crap giant zipper did Jeffrey use on his already hideous yellow, plaid creation?? But it was such a cool experience just seeing the stuff and I kept freaking out b/c PR is soo GOOD!! Yeah!

Then we went to MoSex. It was silly. And really gross if you really think about stuff. But definitely an experience. The feature exhibit was the history of porn so we saw all this old school stuff from like the 30s and 40s and then of course ancient Japanese porn from like the 1800s. It's actually pretty amazing the things they used to do/think about back then. And of course there was the most RIDICULOUS - Anime Porn. WHATT? Yeah so that was fun.

Then after that we all collapsed @ Cheri's over @ Third North which is a really odd dorm.

Then we hung around, ate food. And then Nat and I went and rerecorded stuff for my SI thing and discussed Nat's "unrequited love". Haha. Afterward, chucked the stuff and Jo, Nat and I headed out to St. Mark's/East Village area which is officially my favorite. There's so many random little shops and restaurants and the atmosphere is so energized. And I FINALLY made it to the fry place (Pommes Frite). YEAHH! Esp. since Kimma/Mom/Jennie have been raving about it since 2 years ago and I had yet to try the stuff. Definitely worth it.

After our mini adventure/exploration time, we went back to the dorm to watch SNL which was the CRAPPIEST EVER. Which really makes me sad b/c it used to be SOO good. Now I really think they're just making up stuff as they go along and have no clue what they're doing. Bleggh. Then we watched The Office times a billion again which is such an AWFUL show in that it pulls your emotions in every direction. I love it!!

And today went to this really awesome Ethiopian restaurant w/ Jo. It's really cool, you eat everything w/ your hands so you have this huge flat sour bread that you rip pieces from to dip and scoop up all the other sauces/fillings. It's really good except the bread is super sour and after a while the tartness really gets to you. But it's definitely worth a try! And I went and edited some of the family dinner stuff. It's sorta a remix thing and more based on rhythm and beat rather than content. It's kinda cool.
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