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Wooh, so I went to Brooklyn to visit my grandma and saw her, my parents, Kim, Kev and Angela. It was fun. I recorded stuff for my sound project which I'm thinking is going to be all remixed and abstract. I just gotta find time to go and edit stuff - most likely this weekend. But yeah it was really nice seeing my family again. And eating real food. That was awesome. And we had ice cream and talked about a million things. And it was nice to sleep on a bed that was on ground level instead of having to climb up a million feet to go to sleep. And watching Chinese tv/karaoke was fun. And eating rice. All in all an awesome weekend. Though I gotta say taking the train by myself with the giant yellow, plastic case of microphone equipment was really goofy. I know I coulda technically put the mics etc. in my backpack but my bag was already loaded w/ my clothes and the marantz thing. And I didn't want to wreck all the stuff and pay $1500 for chipping a mic or something. Ah stupid.

Speaking of chipping, that white spot on my tooth finally came off. But I think it chipped off from eating the garlic bread which was crazy hard.

Anyway, after sleeping over Grandma's we went out to Chinatown for dimsum which was really good. And we walked around and I found my way to the fungwah/luckystar stations so now I know how to get home. And then I found $20 cowboy boots which was pretty awesome. Yay no tax for clothes! I thought I'd be missing that but apparently NY adapted the oh so valuable MA rule. Sweet.

Then I went back to the dorm and chilled. Class today was fun yay sound! But yeah I have no idea what I'm doing it's awesome.

And I'm feeling kinda inadequate b/c I don't have a job. But I haven't really had time to look. Ah stupid. Maybe in a bit.

Oh and the radio station rejected my ska show proposal b/c RBF etc. are too popular and they only play unknown music. So the dude's like you can revise it and submit it next semester. Ah well, so I guess I'll try that. Boooo.

Now Writing the Essay museum lecture thing tonight which should be cool. But a million things to write. Blagggh.
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