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So today was LONG as is any Tues. I went to bed round 4 this morning (not too too bad) and got up for a 9:30 class. Then I've had classes periodically till 5:30. So as I was walking into Cantor for Sound Colloquium, Annie calls and says, "Oh I got four tickets to the Who". Obviously since the place is crowded and I can only hear bout every other word she's saying, I say cool, and decide to leave it at that. After class I call and confirm. I head back to the dorm, change and Annie, Jo, Nat and I head out to MSG for one of the SICKEST experiences EVER.

That's right. The NYU ticket central was giving out FREE tickets to see THE WHO!! Annie just happened to be at the right place at the right time (DAMN good timing man) and scored 4 tix). The show was UNBELIEVABLE. I mean I'd never actually been to a stadium style concert. The energy was freaking EXPLOSIVE. Especially since these guys are OLD. It's amazing. And everyone was up dancing and screaming and most of those people are OLD too. Well oldER anyway. Like my parents' age. It was unreal.

I actually called my dad during the show b/c I knew he'd enjoy it. Of course he couldn't hear a thing and i was screaming my head off but it was a fun experience. I just wish I coulda gotten him a shirt or something but they were $40 for a T and I had like $10 on me.

But yeah, they played all the classics: Pinball Wizard, Fragments, My Generation, and of course TEENAGE WASTELAND. Where EVERYONE (esp the 50 something yearolds) got up and danced to. They also played some random new stuff and some stuff from a rockopera? Anyway, they recorded the performance and are selling it. Probably for $1093 but that's ok. Sweet!

And even though we were WAYY far back (literally last row) it was WAYY worth it. I mean these tickets were FREE and the energy translates through the entire stadium. We managed to make our way a little closer to the band (ok, like -10 rows closer) but it was AMAZING!

So now my voice is gone, my head is floating and I smell like pot (yeah there was a freaking CLOUD above us from the ppl around us). But it's all worth it my friends.

It's actually kind of amazing the amount of random opportunities we've gotten these past few weeks. I mean director's series every week; I've already seen "The Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" which I HIGHLY reccommend and "American Hardcore" which was pretty damn hardcore. And then of course THIS.

Allright, off to mellow out some, wash the smell of weed and knish out of my hair and sleep in b/c my first class is @ 3:30 tomorrow. Yeah! Oh and gotta read "Poetics".. oops.
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