Super Sputch (super_sputch_88) wrote,
Super Sputch

I don't think enough people recycle.

Wow crazy tired but I know I should get up and get my day going. I hate wasting it you know?

Yesterday was monsoon weather it was amazing. A few of us braved the torrential downpours and took the train to the Met (museum, we are too poor for operas my friend). Anyway, I love the place. A lot because of the architecture and the amazing acoustics of the place. On the balcony, they were serving dinner (to the priveleged clearly) and there was a live chamber music group. It was INTENSE. From one of the hallways we heard the music and it sounded so movie epic soundtrack and I was wondering why the heck they would be playing a CD of the stuff in a museum. Nope, it was live. The sound was so incredibly rich and full, it would be SICK to play there. But yeah so I've figured out my dream date - museum day and then dinner on the balcony with the live mini-orchestra creating the atmosphere. WOW.

So yeah right now Kimmy's playing at the Macy's opening thing with orchestra. I hope it's going well! Yay music!

Speaking of music, I'm gonna TRY and get a ska show on the radio here. I don't know if it'll actually happen but I've got my proposal all ready. If not hopefully I can DJ for the random new music show. We'll see. Wish me luck.

Got a million things to do today, mostly grocery shopping etc. Gotta read a script and work on some papers. And then tomorrow I've REALLY got to finish my Sound Image thing. Luckily Lauren's gonna let me borrow her recording equip b/c I've already had to pass it on to the next person and was unable to finish because it's been raining quite a bit lately and of COURSE it's only when I want to go outside and record stuff. Ah well. The jazz dudes in the park should be starting soon b/c right now i'ts as sunny as ever. Beautiful.

Also we gotta go buy a pinata for Nat's 19th. Speaking of bdays...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!!!!!! I'll be sure to eat a piece of cake in your honor! ;) (Yeah I don't even think she reads this but ah well, happy bday to her anyway!!)
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