Super Sputch (super_sputch_88) wrote,
Super Sputch

Good stuff sides the craploads of homework. At least no classes tomorrow. Probably gonna hit up Chinatown or something. Need to go shopping etc. Went to the club fair to get "involved". The dude manning the alternative breaks booth knows of Mboro and actually wrestled Tom and Scott Lashmit back in high school? Yeah go figure. Small world huh! Anyway, gonna email the pepband dude about joining hopefully. Doesn't seem very organized so I think it's just a show up thing. Cool beans. Earlier when Natalie and I were looking for the club fair we got lost (yeah we suck @ life) and found ourselves on Gay St. Hah! More adventures to come. Also Annie and I opted out of the "mystery concert" b/c rumor had it, it was Animal Collective and Ghost Face Killah. Heard of Ghost Face but have no idea who the crap Animal w/e is. Probably another scene band. Anyway, good times. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

K here's this piece of crap:

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