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Super Sputch's Mad Awesome Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Super Sputch

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[10 Oct 2006|11:16am]
I love how I was late to class b/c my normally 3 minute walk through the park turned into an almost 10 min. detour around the set of that new Will Smith movie I Am Legend.

See now I don't know if I should complain b/c I was late to class or brag b/c they're shooting this movie literally 2 feet from my dorm. Hmm.

Oh and btw, from here on out, this journal is FRIENDS ONLY Just ask me and I'll add you. Just makes life a bit easier you know?
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[09 Oct 2006|06:06pm]
Dude, I'm totally gonna see The Departed b/c Infernal Affairs (the original, HK version) was SOOOO GOOD!!! Also gotta represent Bos what what!
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[08 Oct 2006|10:53pm]
Wow Ms. Levy, you totally recommended the perfect photographers for me to look for.

I mean seriously, look at this!

I think I just might be able to get through this essay!

But first, a home cooked meal. FINALLY!!!
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"Every moment is a life altering moment" [08 Oct 2006|12:52am]
[ mood | content ]

More time wastage. Boo yeah. So here was my week:

Highlights of the actual week:
- taking the scenic route after Frosh Colloquium to check out the set of I Am Legend and seeing Will Smith (smooth as ever) escape from the shoot in a shiny black mercedes.
- waiting a bajillion hours in line to get into an advanced screening of the Nanny Diaries only to realize that oh yeah Annie and I are girls betw. ages 18-30 i.e. the movie's MAIN AUDIENCE. So of course they pick all the dudes in the crowd and we end up seeing Open Season which was super cute though and I needed a good laugh at that point.

- Thurs. night went w/ Spencer to see freaking BIG D!!! at CBGB! Which was freaking SICK!! That place is amazingly historical. I mean it's got the whole run down quality of the Living Room cept up that a few degrees. And the walls are plastered and COVERED with stickers and graffiti from all these classic bands. I mean seriously, this is THE gritty, steaming, pulsing womb from which hardcore punk was spawned! And it's being SHUT DOWN!! By freaking NYU b/c they bought the place to make it into, get this, a fucking gym. WHAT??
a) we ALREADY have 2 gyms, b) the newest one, Palladium, was actually a club before NYU wrecked that too, and c) we’re freaking NYU!! What the hell do we need a gym for? We have like 2 sports (ok, so more like 12) and no offense but we’re not exactly producing the most promising professional athletes out there. And need exercise? Freaking get off the treadmill and GO OUTSIDE and EXPLORE the city.

Seriously. But yeah I was pissed when I heard that. It was SUCH an amazing experience though. We met some other Big D fan girl and borrowed her Sharpie to place our permanent mark upon the walls of this landmark. I can’t BELIEVE this was the last ska show there EVER. And the show was freaking AMAZING. Tri State Conspiracy was really good and low key. The Specs were awesome, I definitely want to get their cd. More just punk + horns than ska but wicked good nonetheless. Lost City Angels were fun esp since the lead singer was SO GONE. And there was a full blown fight going on in the back. Which reminds me…

I was so surprised at how not violent this place seemed. I mean I still have to say out of all the shows I’ve been to (not a lot and only in 4 diff states) Bos shows are the most hardcore and painful. I mean here I was literally first row ON the stage practically (yeah no barriers) and the ppl behind us surged ehh a bit, sorta a pit going on but not much at all. Cool stuff.

And then AFTER? Got the set list and met all the kids from Big D and got it signed. Also met some guys from Tri State and the crazy lead singer of Lost City Angels. As usually Big D was AMAZING. They had like 5 new songs which was cool and Ryan said the new cd’s coming out March-ish? So GOOD.

So yeah, gonna head back and buy a CBGB shirt (a REAL one not those stupid Hot Topic or freaking even JC Penney’s ones) and show my support. YEAH!

- Fri. took the Fung Wah to Boston and got to South station b4 Nicole got out of class so I bought cupcakes.
- Met up w/ Nicole and went to her dorm and met some kids.
- Then we went to explore on Newbury Street and bought clothes, had Tealuxe where the boy was really cute, talked about boys and other fun, and bought 2304980238 pounds of candy. Ok more like 4 lbs but still a ridiculous amount of it.
- Then we went to Fanieul Hall and had chowder (which I definitely missed) and explored some more.
- After, went back and watched Animal House, ate stuff and then played crashing video games for a million years.
- Also we made AWESOME songs on garage band. So cool.

Then this morning took the commuter rail back and now I’m hanging here in Mboro. Today was good, hung out and slept. It was so weird to ride in a car. Also, I never realized how little water pressure the shower here gets. haha. And now it really feels like fall w/ the chilly air and foliage turning gold. Tonight we went out to the BBQ place which was cool. It was definitely nice to come home (first time in bought 1 and a half months) and see my family. And it’ll be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Of course all of tomorrow will be devoted to writing this beast of an essay but that’s ok. I mean we’ve all pretty much come to terms with the fact that no one will ever be able to fully understand what we’re supposed to actually do and that all our papers will ultimately suck. Oh well. Do my best and hope it goes well. More later!

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[04 Oct 2006|11:42pm]

Yeah I needed that.
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[02 Oct 2006|07:23pm]
You know what I miss? Grass w/o urine smell and the sound of lawn mowers.

In other news? Everything else is pretty fantastic.
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Ooh yay weekend! [01 Oct 2006|05:31pm]
Weekend's been pretty awesome I have to say. Friday was kinda craptastic a bit and I don't even fully know why but everything worked out in the end. Went on an adventure to Magnolia w/ Annie, Nat, Lauren, and Edwin and Aaron from down the hall. It was cool though Magnolia isn't AS good as they make it out to be. The chocolate cupcake part is ehh but the yellow cake is really good. The colored frosting is wayy too sweet but the chocolate frosting is awesome. So the solution? White cake w/ chocolate icing = LOVE. And I recorded our excursion for Sound Image. But right when I was recording the outside of this really awesome jazz club, the card filled up. Which sucked. But luckily Annie has a flash card reader so I cleaned that up that night. And then we went and ate cupcakes and had a marathon of "The Office". I love how I get so sucked into tv shows. Now I'm such a Jim and Pam shipper. Haha!

Saturday was an adventure and a HALF. So first Nat really wanted to get a Mew from Toys R Us so she spent 80,000 hours trying to beat pokemon but it didn't work. So she, Annie, Cheri and I took the train out to Times Square to find the legendery Toys R Us. But the Toys R Us didn't have mews so Nat's billiion hours of pokemon was pointless. But yeah I guess it's ok she didn't beat it or w/e. But yeah, this Toys R Us is every kid's (and adult's) greatest fantasy! Seriously there's a million things. The freaking Lego section was rediculous. And there was a ferris wheel! But it was $4 which blows so we decided not to. But yeah then when I went to the bathroom I got SOO sidetracked at the Barbie house b/c.... it was where the PROJECT RUNWAY designers got their BARBIE CHALLENGE from season 2!! And we saw Nick's PR Barbie which I got for my mom. It's so cool cept it's a MyScene Barbie so it's head is gigantic and Bratz like. Oh well. It's still freaking AWESOME!!

After that we passed Madame Tussaud's and took a picture w/ Samuel L. And later we passed Macy's and saw the PROJECT RUNWAY WINDOW DISPLAY!! Which had all the winning designs from this season so far featurin'g Uli's last winning design. It was so AWESOME. Cept it was a bit disappointing b/c up close you really can see the flaws and can tell everything is handmade etc. But I guess it makes sense seeing as they have 2 days to do stuff etc. It was kinda sad seeing oh man Uli's darts are WAYY uneven and GEEZ what the crap giant zipper did Jeffrey use on his already hideous yellow, plaid creation?? But it was such a cool experience just seeing the stuff and I kept freaking out b/c PR is soo GOOD!! Yeah!

Then we went to MoSex. It was silly. And really gross if you really think about stuff. But definitely an experience. The feature exhibit was the history of porn so we saw all this old school stuff from like the 30s and 40s and then of course ancient Japanese porn from like the 1800s. It's actually pretty amazing the things they used to do/think about back then. And of course there was the most RIDICULOUS - Anime Porn. WHATT? Yeah so that was fun.

Then after that we all collapsed @ Cheri's over @ Third North which is a really odd dorm.

Then we hung around, ate food. And then Nat and I went and rerecorded stuff for my SI thing and discussed Nat's "unrequited love". Haha. Afterward, chucked the stuff and Jo, Nat and I headed out to St. Mark's/East Village area which is officially my favorite. There's so many random little shops and restaurants and the atmosphere is so energized. And I FINALLY made it to the fry place (Pommes Frite). YEAHH! Esp. since Kimma/Mom/Jennie have been raving about it since 2 years ago and I had yet to try the stuff. Definitely worth it.

After our mini adventure/exploration time, we went back to the dorm to watch SNL which was the CRAPPIEST EVER. Which really makes me sad b/c it used to be SOO good. Now I really think they're just making up stuff as they go along and have no clue what they're doing. Bleggh. Then we watched The Office times a billion again which is such an AWFUL show in that it pulls your emotions in every direction. I love it!!

And today went to this really awesome Ethiopian restaurant w/ Jo. It's really cool, you eat everything w/ your hands so you have this huge flat sour bread that you rip pieces from to dip and scoop up all the other sauces/fillings. It's really good except the bread is super sour and after a while the tartness really gets to you. But it's definitely worth a try! And I went and edited some of the family dinner stuff. It's sorta a remix thing and more based on rhythm and beat rather than content. It's kinda cool.
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[28 Sep 2006|11:41pm]
Dude, so Jo got tickets to Conan O'Brien and me, her, Natalie, and Jo's friend Samson went. It was freaking GREAT!! The studio's mega tiny (oxymoron yeah?) but it was so cool. And we got free t-shirts wooh XL! And guests?

AMY POEHLER and JOHN STAMOS!! And some chick from food network. but YEAHH it was SICKK.

So watch it. And you can hear me scream etc. Yeah!!
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[28 Sep 2006|01:51am]
Yeaaah! Gonna be up another billion hours writing THE ESSAY but I figure I'll take a brief break.

I love how Mon I was talking to Jonny P online and he said "Fuck [a certain someone]" and I was all "dude, that in't productive" and he was all "you totally misinterpreted, I meant like forget" and I was like "dude, I know, I'm just cool and interpret stuff weird". And THEN Tues in this essay class the dude's like yeah 2 years ago this girl was using this quote "fuck fear" and he was all, yeah so she was interpreting it "forget fear/screw fear etc" but she SHOULD have thought about the other type of fuck as in have sex w/ fear. And i was like MAN i just HAD this conversation. But I didn't say that b/c who in the hell really cares about my convo w/ Jonny P? But yeah, I was totally one up on that class. Too bad that doesn't help me at ALL.

K, off to FUCK this essay. Damn straight!
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[27 Sep 2006|05:57pm]
Wow, HP's hair looks BAD.

Yeah I love wasting my time on imdb.
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[26 Sep 2006|10:41pm]
It's been exactly a month since I left home. WOW.
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yeah! [25 Sep 2006|04:07pm]
Wooh, so I went to Brooklyn to visit my grandma and saw her, my parents, Kim, Kev and Angela. It was fun. I recorded stuff for my sound project which I'm thinking is going to be all remixed and abstract. I just gotta find time to go and edit stuff - most likely this weekend. But yeah it was really nice seeing my family again. And eating real food. That was awesome. And we had ice cream and talked about a million things. And it was nice to sleep on a bed that was on ground level instead of having to climb up a million feet to go to sleep. And watching Chinese tv/karaoke was fun. And eating rice. All in all an awesome weekend. Though I gotta say taking the train by myself with the giant yellow, plastic case of microphone equipment was really goofy. I know I coulda technically put the mics etc. in my backpack but my bag was already loaded w/ my clothes and the marantz thing. And I didn't want to wreck all the stuff and pay $1500 for chipping a mic or something. Ah stupid.

Speaking of chipping, that white spot on my tooth finally came off. But I think it chipped off from eating the garlic bread which was crazy hard.

Anyway, after sleeping over Grandma's we went out to Chinatown for dimsum which was really good. And we walked around and I found my way to the fungwah/luckystar stations so now I know how to get home. And then I found $20 cowboy boots which was pretty awesome. Yay no tax for clothes! I thought I'd be missing that but apparently NY adapted the oh so valuable MA rule. Sweet.

Then I went back to the dorm and chilled. Class today was fun yay sound! But yeah I have no idea what I'm doing it's awesome.

And I'm feeling kinda inadequate b/c I don't have a job. But I haven't really had time to look. Ah stupid. Maybe in a bit.

Oh and the radio station rejected my ska show proposal b/c RBF etc. are too popular and they only play unknown music. So the dude's like you can revise it and submit it next semester. Ah well, so I guess I'll try that. Boooo.

Now Writing the Essay museum lecture thing tonight which should be cool. But a million things to write. Blagggh.
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WOOOH!! [19 Sep 2006|11:35pm]
[ mood | WHOA ]


So today was LONG as is any Tues. I went to bed round 4 this morning (not too too bad) and got up for a 9:30 class. Then I've had classes periodically till 5:30. So as I was walking into Cantor for Sound Colloquium, Annie calls and says, "Oh I got four tickets to the Who". Obviously since the place is crowded and I can only hear bout every other word she's saying, I say cool, and decide to leave it at that. After class I call and confirm. I head back to the dorm, change and Annie, Jo, Nat and I head out to MSG for one of the SICKEST experiences EVER.

That's right. The NYU ticket central was giving out FREE tickets to see THE WHO!! Annie just happened to be at the right place at the right time (DAMN good timing man) and scored 4 tix). The show was UNBELIEVABLE. I mean I'd never actually been to a stadium style concert. The energy was freaking EXPLOSIVE. Especially since these guys are OLD. It's amazing. And everyone was up dancing and screaming and most of those people are OLD too. Well oldER anyway. Like my parents' age. It was unreal.

I actually called my dad during the show b/c I knew he'd enjoy it. Of course he couldn't hear a thing and i was screaming my head off but it was a fun experience. I just wish I coulda gotten him a shirt or something but they were $40 for a T and I had like $10 on me.

But yeah, they played all the classics: Pinball Wizard, Fragments, My Generation, and of course TEENAGE WASTELAND. Where EVERYONE (esp the 50 something yearolds) got up and danced to. They also played some random new stuff and some stuff from a rockopera? Anyway, they recorded the performance and are selling it. Probably for $1093 but that's ok. Sweet!

And even though we were WAYY far back (literally last row) it was WAYY worth it. I mean these tickets were FREE and the energy translates through the entire stadium. We managed to make our way a little closer to the band (ok, like -10 rows closer) but it was AMAZING!

So now my voice is gone, my head is floating and I smell like pot (yeah there was a freaking CLOUD above us from the ppl around us). But it's all worth it my friends.

It's actually kind of amazing the amount of random opportunities we've gotten these past few weeks. I mean director's series every week; I've already seen "The Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" which I HIGHLY reccommend and "American Hardcore" which was pretty damn hardcore. And then of course THIS.

Allright, off to mellow out some, wash the smell of weed and knish out of my hair and sleep in b/c my first class is @ 3:30 tomorrow. Yeah! Oh and gotta read "Poetics".. oops.

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[19 Sep 2006|04:03am]
Holy crap! My essay sucks!! But I'm done. Hurray! I just hope it doesn't suck SO much that I have to redo it or worse, is just too sucky to even redo. Yeah..

Man too tired! Off to bed, give, up, now.

[edit] OHHHH And totally just realized that it was talk like a pirate day. YEAHH!! or should I say, AARRRRR!!!
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[17 Sep 2006|08:24pm]
Dude! You're 91% from Massachusetts!

Dude! Me and Sully and Fitzie and Sean are gonna hit Landsdowne tonight after the game, hang out at the Beerworks. I'll pick you up at the Coop at 6.

How Massachusetts are you?

Ah crap, here three weeks and I'm alraedy down a couple notches! Well, watching the Sox/Yankees game and representing! Oh and homework, YAY!
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I don't think enough people recycle. [16 Sep 2006|10:08am]
Wow crazy tired but I know I should get up and get my day going. I hate wasting it you know?

Yesterday was monsoon weather it was amazing. A few of us braved the torrential downpours and took the train to the Met (museum, we are too poor for operas my friend). Anyway, I love the place. A lot because of the architecture and the amazing acoustics of the place. On the balcony, they were serving dinner (to the priveleged clearly) and there was a live chamber music group. It was INTENSE. From one of the hallways we heard the music and it sounded so movie epic soundtrack and I was wondering why the heck they would be playing a CD of the stuff in a museum. Nope, it was live. The sound was so incredibly rich and full, it would be SICK to play there. But yeah so I've figured out my dream date - museum day and then dinner on the balcony with the live mini-orchestra creating the atmosphere. WOW.

So yeah right now Kimmy's playing at the Macy's opening thing with orchestra. I hope it's going well! Yay music!

Speaking of music, I'm gonna TRY and get a ska show on the radio here. I don't know if it'll actually happen but I've got my proposal all ready. If not hopefully I can DJ for the random new music show. We'll see. Wish me luck.

Got a million things to do today, mostly grocery shopping etc. Gotta read a script and work on some papers. And then tomorrow I've REALLY got to finish my Sound Image thing. Luckily Lauren's gonna let me borrow her recording equip b/c I've already had to pass it on to the next person and was unable to finish because it's been raining quite a bit lately and of COURSE it's only when I want to go outside and record stuff. Ah well. The jazz dudes in the park should be starting soon b/c right now i'ts as sunny as ever. Beautiful.

Also we gotta go buy a pinata for Nat's 19th. Speaking of bdays...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!!!!!! I'll be sure to eat a piece of cake in your honor! ;) (Yeah I don't even think she reads this but ah well, happy bday to her anyway!!)
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[11 Sep 2006|07:39pm]
Damn man! My eyes are going and I think I may have a cavity. Piece of crap. And I need to write this FREAKING essay. Great.

But, on the bright side, Sound Image looks like it's going to be a freaking BLAST. Our class starts @ 9:30 but our prof's like I can't get up that early, we start at 10. So now the class starts at 10. So cool that they can just do that. I'm so psyched to start recording and mixing random crap. Finally, this is what I came to school for, production. But yeah so we need to record some sounds to correspond with certain photos which should be really cool. At one point we have to create a recording with just our voices. Our OWN voice, no collab. So basically you record yourself a bunch of times and lay them all together to form something. It's gonna be fantastic! I'm pretty excited.

Tomorrow's the long day, start @ 9:30 not done till 5:30. Woohoo! Now to write an essay relating individualism and competition with the random block sculpture in the Bobst library. Oooh man!

Oh and about yesterday? I especially love how the jazz group in the park played 2 songs I knew. One from jazz (Night in Tunisia, I'm pretty sure) and then something from marching band. I couldn't figure it out for the LONGEST time and I KNEW we'd played it for quarter change. Also I knew percussion was very important. But the name would not come to me. So I ask Melissa. But the thing is, you can't really type the tune of a song. It just doesn't work that way. I tried to convey rhythm but that just provoked a "what??" on Melissa's part. So I bring up freaking GarageBand on the comp and figure out the notes to the song. So I type those over to Melissa and she gets out her flute and we finally figure it out. It was ST. THOMAS!!! OH MAN!! Haha, took me FOREVER. That was so dumb. Talk about band withdrawel. But yeah they totally jammed to that and it was awesome. Don't you hate it when you have a song stuck in your head and you can't for the life of you remember what it IS? A lot of the time I can just google the lyrics and get something up but you can't do that w/ a melody. DAMN! That was fun.
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[10 Sep 2006|02:40pm]
OH man. FOCUS. Yeah of course by sitting here writing in Livejournal I only make my demise more grim. Okay, so a tad overdramatic but MAN gotta write a million things. And while I have a decent amount of confidence in my writing ability, I have NO IDEA what to write about. I can't just babble about crap. This is film. People want to SEE stuff happening. I have bits and pieces but nothing that constitutes an actually story arch. Piece of crap.

On a brighter note. Friday went to Chinatown with some girls, it was cool. We took the wrong bus though and made it all the way down at Water street. It's ok though b/c NYU bus is FREE. And we got to be all touristy in Wall St. and we walked ALL THE WAY BACK. It was a blast. B/c then we went through chinatown and I took everyone to Fay Dah and we had bubble tea/pastries/coconut jelly drink stuff. And then we got those eg cake things off the street. And then headed up Mulberry St. through Little Italy. It was a fun time!

Yesterday was beautiful and I got distracted again having to go out and watch some fun street performers and listen to the musicians everywhere round the park. And the film retreat which was awesome where they showed us past students' work and MAN am I psyched to start this stuff! (too bad i lack imagination when it comes to story ideas though). But yeah this stuff is freaking AMAZING and some have gone to Tribeca and Sundance and all sorts of crazy shit! Damn! Of course I feel thoroughly inadequate but I figure it'll be a blast nonetheless. Oh and met some kid from Sudbury who literally lives like 3 streets away from me (ok maybe not literally). Random.

My sound image class starts tomorrow, (FINALLY production) and I'm SUPER psyched. Bring it!

Oh and I keep getting distracted by the fantastic jazz drifting in through my window from the park below. I keep getting the urge to whip out my sax and join them from up here. Aside from the fact that I have work to do. And that my roommate's here and will be annoyed. And that I kinda suck. Oh well, one of these days. I hate practicing in front of ppl though, I'm too self conscious and I don't want to be distracting to them.

Okay, time to take another whack at it!
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[07 Sep 2006|09:17pm]
Good stuff sides the craploads of homework. At least no classes tomorrow. Probably gonna hit up Chinatown or something. Need to go shopping etc. Went to the club fair to get "involved". The dude manning the alternative breaks booth knows of Mboro and actually wrestled Tom and Scott Lashmit back in high school? Yeah go figure. Small world huh! Anyway, gonna email the pepband dude about joining hopefully. Doesn't seem very organized so I think it's just a show up thing. Cool beans. Earlier when Natalie and I were looking for the club fair we got lost (yeah we suck @ life) and found ourselves on Gay St. Hah! More adventures to come. Also Annie and I opted out of the "mystery concert" b/c rumor had it, it was Animal Collective and Ghost Face Killah. Heard of Ghost Face but have no idea who the crap Animal w/e is. Probably another scene band. Anyway, good times. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

K here's this piece of crap:

My Personality
Openness To Experience
Test Yourself Compare Yourself View Full Report

Bebo, MySpace Codes and hi5 by Pulseware Survey Software

Explanation?Collapse )
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[06 Sep 2006|10:04pm]
Wow! Who knew film school would have so much homework?? Anyway, looks like I'll be doing bajillions of writing stead of seeing Proj. Runway tonight. Boo. At least there's the mystery concert tomorrow and no classes Fri. Can't WAIT!!
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